JOTIX software platform

October 12, 2023 by
JoTio Tech s.r.o., Andrea Jonášová

Do you want to keep your data organized and receive alerts when a risk is approaching? Are you tired of manually processing data and would like to receive automated reports? Would you like to manage all measuring devices from one place? Get to know the JOTIX platform that makes it all possible.

The JOTIX platform offers a wide range of features that allow not only a clear view of the data collected, but also efficient management and monitoring of key indicators. Of course, you can also be alerted to non-standard events either by SMS, email or push notifications from the mobile app.

The following image shows an introductory overview, through which the user can easily find out basic information regarding all registered sensors

Monitoring and setting metrics

The JOTIX platform allows you to monitor different metrics from one place and at the same time. This gives you an overview of the exact values, their trends and their relationship to other factors for a better understanding of your specific situation.

For individual sensors, you can view information about the device, where it is located, who the responsible persons are and other data for the device.​

The following picture shows the data collection from the AM103L sensor located in our plant. The individual graphs show the evolution of temperature, humidity and CO2 in the office. It can be noticed that with insufficient ventilation and the presence of several people, there is a relatively high increase in all measured values, with the biggest problem being the high CO2 concentration, which at its highest point showed a value of 2050 ppm. Less than half an hour after the window was opened, the level fell again below the limit indicating a safe value, which in this case is set at 1445 ppm.  You can read more about the consequences of poorly ventilated areas here.

If the measured values approach the set threshold values, the user is alerted to a potential problem condition.

If these values are exceeded, an alarm is triggered via the Alarm Event Centre. The system will alert the responsible persons by SMS, e-mail or push notification, including escalation if necessary. The alarm is automatically switched off the moment it exceeds the alarm threshold, or it can be manually suspended temporarily for 24 hours. If the alarm is suspended in this way, no further alerts are triggered or escalation occurs.

Automatic reporting

The platform enables the generation of automatic reporting in PDF format. By default, it runs once a month, but the period for which the report is to be generated can be set according to your needs. The report contains detailed information about the measurements, which are processed in the form of a graph. The report is also supplemented with a statistical overview of the measured variables.

Would you like to have a no-obligation look at how JOTIO works? Check out DEMO versiand discover what the app has to offer.

To log in, enter:

Login: JOTIX_Demo
Password: JOTIX_Demo1

If you like the DEMO version of the app, drop us a line and we'll give you more information.

We'll be happy to tell you all the benefits and options the app offers so you can use the app to its full potential for your needs.​